Amigo Pancho 5

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Amigo PanchoAmigo Pancho
Twist your brain in this very exciting puzzle game. Your friend, Pancho, is trapped in a crazy canyon. He can only escape if you can get rid of the objects that block his route.
Amigo Pancho 2Amigo Pancho 2
Stay away from the green aliens. They might look innocent but they are evil. They will pop your balloons. If they succeed, you won't be able to go to the very top.
Amigo Pancho 3Amigo Pancho 3
Meet Sancho, the fearless sheriff of the Cactus County. His job is to keep his town safe from the evil outlaws even if that means that he has to fly using a pair of tiny red balloons.
Amigo Pancho 4Amigo Pancho 4
Help Pancho. He wants to meet up with his lover but first, he must successfully go through all the obstacles that are meant to stop him from reaching the topmost part of the gorge.
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