Angry Birds 3

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Previous available version(s) of Angry Birds 3:
Angry BirdsAngry Birds
Take your revenge upon the nasty green pigs for they have stolen your precious eggs. Launch the little red angry birds from the wooden sling to crush the makeshift castles.
Angry Birds RioAngry Birds Rio
Drag and click your mouse to launch the angry birds. Your goal is to hit the cages of the abducted birds. Free the birds before you run out of shots.
Angry Birds SpaceAngry Birds Space
Chase after the giant claw to recover your eggs. Go through a wormhole and find yourself in a strange new galaxy where there are a lot of strange looking planets!
Rolling Angry BirdsRolling Angry Birds
Collect all the red roses from each level as you try to keep yourself on top of an uneven platform. Press the arrow keys to tilt the screen and get the heart to go to the next level.
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