Bloons 3

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Previous available version(s) of Bloons 3:
Pop the colorful balloons to proceed to the next level of the game. Unfortunately, your arrows are limited. It would be great if you can pop a lot of balloons in a single shot.
Bloons 2Bloons 2
Explore the meadows of the Popping Fields. Your mission is to reach the target number of balloons that you need to pop. If you fail, you will not be allowed to go to the next island.
Bloons 2 Christmas ExpansionBloons 2 Christmas Expansion
Shoot the darts towards the balloons. You have to be keen enough to observe the distance of your targets. The accuracy of your shot will be your key to success.
Bloons 2 Spring FlingBloons 2 Spring Fling
Help the monkey as it tries to pass each level by popping all the balloons. The balloons have been arranged in a neat order. Special balloons will reward you with bonus items such as more darts.
Bloons InsanityBloons Insanity
Complete all 50 levels of bloons madness. Play the game by aiming your darts towards a stack of balloons. If you want to earn a couple of bonus items, look for special bloons.
Bloons Player Pack 1Bloons Player Pack 1
Try your luck in this cool new exciting Bloons Player Pack. Aim for the bloons with bombs and boomerangs. These items will pop a bunch of bloons in one shot.
Bloons Player Pack 2Bloons Player Pack 2
Dominate the world of Bloons and you will definitely see a lot of colored balloons. Prove that even if you are a monkey, you can win by just using your favorite set of darts.
Bloons Player Pack 3Bloons Player Pack 3
Choose whether to pop the bloons with an unlimited number of darts. The rule of this game is quite simple. Pop all the bloons that you see on your screen.
Bloons Player Pack 4Bloons Player Pack 4
Dare to prove that you can complete all levels without pressing the reset button. To win, all that you need to do is to use your darts to hit the balloons.
Bloons Player Pack 5Bloons Player Pack 5
Challenge your fellow players in a fun game of Bloons. The more bloons that you pop, the more points that you earn. You can also try to beat your own high score.
Bloons Pop ThreeBloons Pop Three
Swap the balloons according to color. Form a set of like-colored balloons to clear the screen. For every set that you form, you will be rewarded with a bonus score.
Bloons Super MonkeyBloons Super Monkey
Help the Super Monkey as it tries to accomplish its mission. It must be able to pop all the balloons within a single wave. If you want to succeed, be sure to upgrade your weapons.
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