Bomb It 8

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Previous available version(s) of Bomb It 8:
Bomb It 2Bomb It 2
Drop bombs to create an entrance to the next trail. You will need to compete against other players. Your main objective is to collect all 10 coins before anyone else does.
Bomb It 3Bomb It 3
Choose whether you like to play the game in battle royale, watermania, race or arcade. After which, you can strategically place your bombs on certain areas to kill your enemies.
Bomb It 4Bomb It 4
Outwit your opponent players by using your best strategy. It's either you get rid of them by trapping them in between bombs or you can prevent them from collecting the coins that they need to win the game.
Bomb It 5Bomb It 5
Compete against your fellow players and try to collect the most potions and flying boots. At some point, your path will be blocked. Find a way to pass through it before the time runs out!
Bomb It 6Bomb It 6
Choose your game mode and prepare yourself for a fierce battle. Your mission is to strategically place your bombs in various places so that you can easily blast off your opponents.
Bomb It 7Bomb It 7
Choose your character and get ready to brawl in this free for all arena combat game. Move your character using the WASD keys and place bombs using the spacebar. Place bombs in strategic places to clear the map and defeat enemies while avoiding their bombs as well. Collect money dropped by felled enemies to purchase new outfit pieces for your character. Be the last player standing in order to win the round.
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