ClickPlay 4

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Previous available version(s) of ClickPlay 4:
ClickPlay 2ClickPlay 2
Rely on your wits as you try to solve a series of puzzles. The rule of this game is simple. Click or drag the objects to find the missing Play button.
ClickPlay 3ClickPlay 3
Play the game of hide and seek. Your task is to solve the mystery of the hidden Play button as it likes to hide in places that you often ignore.
ClickPlay TimeClickPlay Time
Make use of the given hints to find the correct answer. Each question will test your ability to analyze the given problem. You need to give the correct answer within the shortest time possible.
ClickPlay Time 2ClickPlay Time 2
Search for the mischievous play button. It appears to be hiding somewhere but it won't show up unless you can think of a good way to solve the mini puzzles.
ClickPlay Time 3ClickPlay Time 3
Test your wits and challenge yourself to solve each puzzle as fast as you can. Each puzzle has a hidden play button. You need to find and click this button in order to proceed to the next level.
Clickplay Time 4Clickplay Time 4
Search for the mischievous play button. It likes to hide in different places and the only way to find it is to play some mind games that will surely test your wits and patience.
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