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Previous available version(s) of Cover Orange 4:
Cover OrangeCover Orange
Find a place where you can hide the scared orange from the evil cloud. If you can find none, you must be able to find a way to create your own shelter.
Cover Orange 2Cover Orange 2
Do your best to protect the orange fruit from the annoying cloud. It must hide in a place where it cannot be easily destroyed by the acid rain. Wait until the cloud leaves before you go out.
Cover Orange Journey KnightsCover Orange Journey Knights
Join your orange hero as it travels back in time. Alas, it seems that the evil black cloud is still going after it. Use the treasure box to keep your hero from being hit by the small spikes.
Cover Orange Journey PiratesCover Orange Journey Pirates
Protect the oranges using your mouse to change the environment. Drag objects from your inventory in the order they appear, and drop them onto the map by clicking your screen above the white line, causing them to fall to the desired location. Place the objects so that the acid rain from the evil cloud doesn't touch the oranges when it passes by. Click the star that appears while the cloud is passing and finish the level as quickly as possible to obtain the highest score.
Cover Orange Journey Wild WestCover Orange Journey Wild West
Find shelter from the weather and hazardous objects in the environment, which include wind, rain and snow. Cover your little fruit with planks, blocks and platforms, thus sheltering your little orange from the weather. Act quickly and solve the puzzles as the Wild West will not wait, and the storms will come. If your little fruit is not under cover by then, he will dissipate and you will have to start the level over.
Cover Orange Players Pack 2Cover Orange Players Pack 2
Keep in mind that acid rain can damage the orange. Thus, the smiley faced fruit must be placed in a safe place as it shouldn't be seen by the evil cloud.
Cover Orange Players Pack 3Cover Orange Players Pack 3
Make sure that the smiley faced fruit will be protected from the deadly rain. Use your mouse to arrange the objects and wait for the evil cloud to pass by.
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