Dibbles 5

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Previous available version(s) of Dibbles 5:
Protect the King by deploying your army of dibbles. These tiny red creatures have the ability to make use of magic stones. Keep the King safe to qualify for the next level.
Dibbles 2Dibbles 2
Begin your quest in the land of dibbles. Make use of the magical command stones to bring the Dibble King to his ultimate destination. You may need to sacrifice a couple of dibbles.
Dibbles 3Dibbles 3
Journey into the deserted island and pass through a valley of sand. Go alongside with the army of red dibbles as they lead the King towards the Great Pyramid of Time!
Dibbles 4Dibbles 4
Take the dibbles army to the nearby igloo station and make sure that chief dibble won't have to go through a lot of trouble. You may need to sacrifice a few dibbles by transforming them into stones.
Dibbles Pro PackDibbles Pro Pack
Prepare the command stones before the dibbles reach the burrow. You need to hurry because the first dibble that will touch the stone will be using it as a bridge.
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