Duck Life 7

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Previous available version(s) of Duck Life 7:
Duck LifeDuck Life
Play the role of a farm owner whose precious farm was destroyed by a deadly tornado. Now you have no choice but to train your weak duckling into a racing duck.
Duck Life 2Duck Life 2
Aim to achieve your life-long dream and that's to become the world's strongest duck racer. If you manage to beat your opponents in the race, you will be able to wear the gold crown.
Duck Life 3Duck Life 3
Raise your very own genetically modified duck. If you opt to do so, you will have the advantage in the duck race because your duck will be a whole lot stronger than the average racing ducks.
Duck Life 4Duck Life 4
Beat the supreme duck racer. Unfortunately, you will no longer be allowed to use your genetically modified racer duck. Even so, you still have the chance to win. That's if you train hard enough.
Duck Life 5Duck Life 5
Compete for treasure against other ducks of the town. Collect coins along the way that you will be able to use to buy new pets, new upgrades and custom looks for your little duck. Buy technical upgrades for faster wings, a bubble barrier to protect you from other ducks or even potions that will give you jetpacks! Win the long distance race and earn the most treasure in this fun long distance racing game.
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