Fancy Pants 4

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Previous available version(s) of Fancy Pants 4:
Fancy PantsFancy Pants
Use your mouse to jump, run and slide. You are about to enter a world that would challenge your skills. Let's see if you can manage to reach the goal.
Fancy Pants 2Fancy Pants 2
Embark on a all new fancy world adventure. Fancy Pants is back with many new challenges, features and improvements!
Fancy Pants 3Fancy Pants 3
Report to the King as you are summoned to help fight against the bathtub pirates. Your kingdom is in great danger and only you can defeat these baddies with your fancy pants!
Fancy Pants RemixFancy Pants Remix
Run, slide, jump and kick your way through the new and improve fancy pants world with new challenges, hidden areas, and new locked doors. Fight enemies with swords, and kick around a bowling ball. Open locked doors, and find all the trophies to complete the achievement set. Explore the entire re-made world of fancy pants and see how many secrets you can uncover.
Fancy Pants Sneak PeekFancy Pants Sneak Peek
Use the doors to go to those places that you will most likely see in the newest game installment. There's also a fun new level that you can play while waiting for the new game.
Fancy Pants World 1Fancy Pants World 1
Explore the sleek worlds in this fancy pants adventure where the objective is to either bolt through the levels that are littered with obstacles and collectables, or take your time to open locked doors and find prizes. Collect swirls to replenish health, and collect trophies to view from the main menu screen. Use springboards to reach higher places, and half pipes to turn yourself around. Find all the hidden areas to unlock all of the neat areas within the fancy pants world.
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