Gibbets 5

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Previous available version(s) of Gibbets 5:
Pull the bowstring by pressing the mouse button over the bow. When you're ready, release the button to shoot and aim for the rope to save the hanged folk from getting choked!
Gibbets 2Gibbets 2
Press and drag your mouse to pull the bowstring to a certain location. Release the arrow towards your target. Your goal is to free the helpless man from being hanged on the gibbet.
Gibbets 2 Level PackGibbets 2 Level Pack
Set your target before you release your arrow. Remember that you have to cut the rope that ties the man to the scaffold. Save the man before he gets choked!
Gibbets 3Gibbets 3
Take advantage of your ability to shoot arrows. You can use your ability to save a lot of helpless villagers. Get them out from their gibbets before they run out of breath.
Gibbets Santa in TroubleGibbets Santa in Trouble
Free the poor Santa from his scaffold. If you don't do it soon, Santa could die from strangulation. See, he is running out of air because his neck is tied to a rope!
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