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Previous available version(s) of Home Sheep Home 5:
Home Sheep HomeHome Sheep Home
Complete your mission by bringing the three lost sheep back to their barn. It's going to be a long way home and you will need to solve a series of confusing puzzles.
Home Sheep Home 2Home Sheep Home 2
Try to find a way to help the sheep go back to their farm. They accidentally got carried to London and now they have no other choice but to find the right road to home.
Home Sheep Home 2 Lost in SpaceHome Sheep Home 2 Lost in Space
Save the three poor lambs. They were kidnapped by the aliens and now, they have to think of a way to escape. Start by helping them getting out of the chamber.
Home Sheep Home 2 Lost UndergroundHome Sheep Home 2 Lost Underground
Go underground and don't ever forget to look for hints to help you find those hidden goodies. Just be warned that this game involves a lot of situational problem solving.
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