Monkey Go Happy 7

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Previous available version(s) of Monkey Go Happy 7:
Monkey Go HappyMonkey Go Happy
Think of ways to wipe off the tears from the sad monkey. For example, you can opt to take the use the knife to feed the monkey with a fresh coconut.
Monkey Go Happy 2Monkey Go Happy 2
Play a set of mini-games to clear each stage. Your main objective is to please the two tearful monkeys. They are crying because they want to play a couple of exciting games.
Monkey Go Happy 3Monkey Go Happy 3
Use your mouse to click on various objects. You can get bananas; solve puzzles and a whole lot more. Do everything that you can so that the monkeys could have some fun!
Monkey Go Happy 4Monkey Go Happy 4
Clear each stage by doing a variety of stuffs such as raking the leaves out of the dirty backyard. These simple deeds will surely bring a smile to our lonely monkeys.
Monkey Go Happy 6Monkey Go Happy 6
Give the crying monkey a nice hat and do something just so it would no longer feel so sad. Click the objects on the screen and use these objects to solve the game's tricky puzzles.
Monkey Go Happy AdventureMonkey Go Happy Adventure
Use your mouse to drag the items to their respective spots. Solve the puzzle and retrieve all of the hidden toys inside the castle. If you succeed, you can make the sad mother monkey feel glad.
Monkey Go Happy BalloonsMonkey Go Happy Balloons
Collect balloons as they appear on your screen in this quick-paced puzzle. Click balloons using your mouse until you have popped all of them, leaving you free to solve the simple puzzle, and reveal more balloons. Spend popped balloons in the shop in order to buy toys for each of the mini monkeys. Complete the game by completing all of the levels and by purchasing each of the various toys.
Monkey Go Happy CandyMonkey Go Happy Candy
Choose and dress up your monkey and then guide him through the candy land with the objective to make it happy. Use your wits and detective skills to scope out the answers to all the riddles within the land. Use items that you pick up from your inventory to help you along the way. Find all 80 gummy bears and make your monkey happy.
Monkey Go Happy DragonMonkey Go Happy Dragon
Dress up your monkey, add a unique hat and start off on your adventure with the goal of cheering up your sad little monkey. Keep your eyes peeled for little secrets throughout the locations across the map and pick up items and place them in your inventory for later use. Solve the puzzles in each area, and play short mini-games to help you get more items or solve the riddles. Solve all 17 levels that vary in complexity, and feel happy when you make your little monkey go from weeping sad to ecstatically grinning.
Monkey Go Happy ElevatorsMonkey Go Happy Elevators
Ride the elevator then try to find the correct key that could unlock the secret doors. Find all the hidden toys on each floor until you reach the highest floor.
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