Snoring 5

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Previous available version(s) of Snoring 5:
Stop the elephant from snoring. Perhaps you could make it stop by pushing him off the cliff. Make the animals in the jungle push the elephant's off and complete each level before the time is up.
Snoring 2Snoring 2
Wake the sleeping elephant. It's snoring so loudly so you've decided to ask for the help of the other animals to wake him up. Remember, each animal has a special ability. The pig can roll while the zebras can jump.
Snoring 2 Winter EditionSnoring 2 Winter Edition
Help the owl, the penguin and the pig as they work together to stop the sleeping elephant from snoring. You can make the pig roll by pushing it into the snowy cliff.
Snoring 3Snoring 3
Think of a way to wake up the snoring elephant. Ask the help of the other animals in the island. Drop the owl to push the pig so that it will tip over the giraffe just like a bowling pin.
Snoring Before TimeSnoring Before Time
Wake the elephant up who is snoring too loudly for the other jungle animals to bare. Use the turtles to strategically push other animals into the big elephant, thus waking him up from his deep slumber. Watch for the different types of strategies that you can use as knocking a piglet into the elephant may not be enough. Use owls and toucans to your advantage as they do give you some range in the jungle.
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