Sushi Cat 3

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Previous available version(s) of Sushi Cat 3:
Sushi CatSushi Cat
Fill your belly with 30 pieces of delicious sushi. You're already fat but you need to be fatter. That's the only way for you to become a full-pledged sumo wrestler.
Sushi Cat 2Sushi Cat 2
Chase the fat dog who stole your beloved pink plush toy. Unfortunately, you are not fat enough to reach the buttons of the elevator. You still need to fill your belly with lots of rice balls.
Sushi Cat 2 The Great PurradeSushi Cat 2 The Great Purrade
Get ready for you are going to test your skills in filling up the sushi cat's belly. It's not that he is glutton. He just needs to grow bigger for him to be able to do his mission.
Sushi Cat the HoneymoonSushi Cat the Honeymoon
Save the cruise ship and don't let it sink under the ocean. Eat lots of sushi and make yourself fatter than ever. By doing so, you can be big enough to block the ship's damaged wall.
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