Uphill Rush 7

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Previous available version(s) of Uphill Rush 7:
Uphill RushUphill Rush
Be brave enough to jump over the hills while pulling off a 360-degree stunt. If you can manage to win the tournament's three challenging levels, you'll qualify for the championship cup.
Uphill Rush 2Uphill Rush 2
Don't be scared to show off your racing skills in the amusement park. You can even take advantage of your motorbike's nitro power as you try to reach your target distance.
Uphill Rush 3Uphill Rush 3
Customize the appearance of your racer and race until you reach the final point of the distance meter. Always keep your focus so that you can easily perform your stunts.
Uphill Rush 4Uphill Rush 4
Raise your speed meter as you try to impress your fellow racers with your stylish getup. Just keep in mind that your total score will solely depend upon your race performance.
Uphill Rush 5Uphill Rush 5
Survive the newest Uphill Rush challenge by skillfully guiding your rider to overcome the obstacle courses. If you want to win, you definitely need to choose the best equipment.
Uphill Rush 6Uphill Rush 6
Win each race to earn more cash. Once you have enough cash, upgrade your water raft into a Jet Ski or banana boat. Make sure that you can safely reach the goal.
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